What Do You Need? For Starts Practice Yoga

What do you need? For Starts Practice Yoga

Props are essential components of a yin yoga practice and allow you to perform yin asanas more safely and effectively.


Blocks are used to fill the gaps between your body and the ground and to provide support for your body during more challenging poses.

What to buy: Blocks come in wood, cork, foam, and bamboo, giving you several different options for comfort and budget. It’s best to have two blocks on hand for your yin yoga practice. You can also use large—but firm —pillows.




Bolsters are large yoga pillows that are useful for providing support during more difficult positions. Strengthen provide you with a more stable surface that you can lie back on or use to prop yourself up comfortably, which will help you hold poses for extended periods of time.

What to buy: Choose a large rectangular or cylindrical bolster that’s roughly the length of your spine. You can also use a dense couch cushion or pillow.


Starts Practice Yoga

-Yoga blankets

Yoga blankets provide extra padding for your hands and knees, especially if you have a thinner mat. They also can be used to provide comfort and support to your legs when you’re sitting cross-legged and need to elevate your hips.

What to buy: Cotton is your best bet, but you can also use thick blankets you already own.


Starts Practice Yoga


Straps will help you extend your reach if you have limited flexibility. They’ll also help you gain stability and perform reclining asanas more efficiently.

What to buy: Most yoga straps are between 6 (1.75m) and 10 feet (3m) long. Choose one that feels comfortable between your hands. You can also use a belt or a length of soft rope.


Starts Practice Yoga


A yoga mat is used to provide comfort and keep your body off the surface below you. It will also help you maintain balance.

What to buy: Consider thickness when buying a yoga mat. Standard mats are usually 1/8-inch (3 mm) thick, but if you have sensitive joints, a mat that’s 1/4-inch (6mm) thick will provide additional support. If you don’t have a mat, use a blanket.


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