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It is one of the most challenging habits to wake up early in the morning if you are a night owl. It’s just like the pain in the ass to deal with numbness in the morning and to be in bed on time with all the digital obstructions such as television, mobile phones, and other electronic devices. On the internet, you could go through all the typical articles advised the following things

• Avoid late dinner
• Don’t use electronics late at night
•Try to follow a consistent schedule
All the point are valuable and have been discussed until dying on the internet
In the article, I am going to discuss the above and some hidden tips about “how to wake up early in the morning.”

1. Take the First Steps:

The hardest and the toughest part of the morning is getting out of bed, not only for me, I think for everyone. To overcome this habit, all you have to do is to set two-alarms. Yes, two-alarm, the first one is to wake you up, and the second one is your warning to get out of bed. The first one should be placed in your arm’s range near the bed; the second one should be away from the bed. In this way, you can give your body little time to wake up fully. You can also spend this time reading books, writing journals, and doing affirmation. A 10-15 minutes gap between first and second alarm works well. In this way, your body feels relax, and you would also get some motivation and inspiration by making your favorite habits in the morning.

2. Start Your Day With Glee:

WAKE UP EARLYMostly, our morning routines are loaded with activities that demand extra effort and will-power. If you are looking forward to something in the morning, then it is easy to get out of bed. Something that provides you glee and relaxation. For example, walking your cat or a dog, enjoy a cup of tea or coffee in the morning, or spending time with your loved ones. Set one activity for your morning; this will improve your mood.



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