Stay at home and Keep fit with these exercises

Stay at home and Keep fit with these exercisesStay at home and Keep fit with these exercises

Perhaps in these circumstances that we are all experiencing, we have been forced to sit in our homes to avoid the transmission of infection, in addition to leaving gathering places, as well as fitness halls, were temporarily closed within the framework of the state’s precautionary plan to counter the spread of the Coronavirus, but this does not mean that you can no longer stay fit through sports.

Even if you are not accustomed to playing sports, it is preferable during the current period that you spend more time at home and reduces your activities to the minimum to give your body more movement, so we offer several exercises recommended by the site “fitnesslifex” can be performed at home in just 30 minutes but it will increase your heart rate and operate your muscles, in addition to that it will maintain your physical and mental health greatly. So, stay at home and follow our tips.


What do you need to start?


First of all, you must manage your time to accomplish everything during the day. So, the more organized you are, the better. Once you’ve determined your free time, you can set aside exercise time and keep fit. In fact, this could be 15 minutes or an hour, whatever you think is best for you. And you do not need machines and equipment. Therefore, we will focus on activities that only need your body or things you have at home. Plus, find a good space where you can workout comfortably.


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