Running Workouts – Focus Mind and Body Like A Sprinter

Running Workouts

Focus mind and body like a sprinter as you run the race against calories.
Running or jogging outside, especially through a park or on a sandy beach, can’t be beaten. Unfortunately, we don’t all have those locations on our doorstep, nor an hour or more to spare. So unless you’ve got a treadmill in your living room, this sequence is the next best thing!

Running is great for your heart and cardiovascular system, and for burning calories, which is why I have included running in this program. This particular sequence, which incorporates jogging and some sprint-training exercises, is one of the more vigorous workouts in the article. While you are doing it, you’ll not only be working out as intensely as you would if you were running outdoors, but you’ll also be toning and shaping your muscles.

The downside of running, though, is that your knees and hips undergo a good deal of sustained impact. And for women, there is also the problem of proper bust support. So, before you begin, invest in a good pair of trainers and a sports bra, even if you don’t have a big bust.

To keep these running workouts as intense as possible and to burn the maximum calories, try to maintain your level of effort throughout. Don’t think of the March as less demanding than the Jog, or as an opportunity for a bit of a break. If you really want to burn calories, put ideas like that out of your mind and keep working at a good rate by raising your knees high and really swinging your arms through.
You may think the Step pump is also a good time to catch your breath. Again, if you really want to burn calories, you should intensify your work by exaggerating the contrast between the crouching forward movement and coming back up to standing.

Although the Lunges are performed more slowly than the other steps in the sequence, they are still not an opportunity to take it easy. Lunges are always very taxing, and even more so when you have to slow them right down as you do here. To burn those calories, make sure you follow all the tips to get your technique totally perfect and use the concept of “mind to muscle” to help you focus on exactly which parts of your body you are working. Lunges don’t just work your thighs. The backs of your legs and your bottom should be working hard, too, so focus your weight on your heels. That will help to remind them to work!

When you’re performing this sequence, work your limbs at a good consistent rate and keep your shoulders and neck relaxed as you swing your arms through.


  • Tips for your running workout
    • Whenever you land – for instance, after a hop or a jump – aim for a soft landing with minimum impact. This means keeping your knees soft and rolling through your whole foot, not just landing on your toes.
    • In the Sprint start, mimic a sprinter at the start of a race. Really power from low to high as you raise your knees towards your chest.
    • In Ski runs, stay low to the ground, take big steps, and move as far forward and back as you can. In a small space, bend the knees to increase the depth of movement.


🏃‍♀️deep breaths/half-toe pump

1-Stand tall with feet hip-width apart, knees soft, and arms by your sides. Relax your neck and shoulders, and make sure your tummy is pulled in. Take a deep breath in as you bend the knees and raise your arms above your head. Exhale as you lower them with a smooth circular movement. Make sure your back stays straight. Repeat for a total of 4 reps.

Running Workout

2-Alternate your weight from one foot to the other, rising up onto the ball of your foot. As you alternate feet, curl the opposite arm to your shoulder. Keep your hands in a loose fist and make sure you push your heel right down to the floor as you work your calf muscle. Repeat for a total of 16 reps (1 rep = both sides/directions).

Running Workout


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