Medicine Ball Exercises For Metabolic Conditioning

Medicine Ball Exercises For Metabolic Conditioning

A major benefit of using a medicine ball includes strengthening both muscle and elastic connective tissues by moving a weight through gravity as opposed to directly against gravity. Additionally, most fitness facilities have medicine balls, so if the gym is really busy, you can use just one piece of equipment to experience a great workout. When selecting a medicine ball, choose one that is approximately 5 to 7 percent of your body weight.
As you get stronger, you can gradually progress to ones that weigh 10 percent of your body weight. Your goal is to complete AMRAP during the work interval. As you feel yourself getting stronger, keep track of the number of reps you do during your first time through the circuit, and then try to meet or beat that number each additional time you do the exercise.

Straight-arm slam
25 sec
Standing rotation
25 sec
Squat to forward press
25 sec
Push press to bounce catch
25 sec
Reverse crossover lunge with reach
25 sec
Full-body crunch
25 sec
Lateral skater with forwarding reach
25 sec
Reverse lunge with an overhead lift
25 sec
Rest and recovery
45-90 sec between circuits after all exercises
✅ Add 5 seconds to the work interval every 2 to 3 weeks until you are doing 45 seconds for each exercise.
✅ Once you are able to do 2 circuits of 45 seconds, start adding additional circuits until you are doing 5 circuits of 45-second intervals.

Straight-Arm Slam


High-speed movements use the type II muscle fibers responsible for definition. Slamming a medicine ball into the ground is a safe and effective power exercise that recruits most of the muscles in your upper back and arms. The rapid action of the muscles increases the overall work rate and energy expenditure of the exercise.
Note: If you exercise in a location where you are not able to slam the ball on the ground, perform the same movement pattern but stop at the bottom of the pattern before releasing the ball (this is the exercise in the pictures). Pulling the ball downwards rapidly from an overhead position will create an effective overload in the hip and back muscles of the posterior chain.



1- Stand with your feet hip-width apart and knees slightly bent. Hold the medicine ball between both hands in front of your waist. Quickly raise both arms overhead, then keep both elbows extended (so the arms are long) as you rapidly bring the ball down in front of you to slam it on the floor between your feet.

2- As you slam the ball down, sink into your hips to generate more force. Rapidly push your feet into the ground to return to standing and catch the ball in your hands on the way back up, and quickly allow it to go back to the overhead position. If you do NOT release the ball, quickly return to the standing position and return your hands holding the medicine ball to an overhead position as fast as possible. You should feel this exercise in the muscles of your upper back.

Exercises For Metabolic Conditioning

If you can’t slam a ball, do the following exercise.


Explosive Chop Without Release

1- Stand with your feet hip-width apart and hold a medicine ball over your head. Keep your spine long as you quickly sink back into your hips while performing a squat.

2- Bring the medicine ball down in front of your body and stop the ball at the bottom of the movement before releasing it; this will increase the energy and strength transferred into the hip muscles.

3- Quickly return to standing and repeat.


Correct Your Form

– Keep your arms straight as you lift the ball overhead and slam it down. This will keep all of the work in the back muscles, as opposed to the triceps muscles of your upper arms.
– Sinking into your hips as you slam the ball allows you to apply more energy to the move.


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