Kick-start Your Plant-Based Lifestyle -You Must Read This

In order to be successful in adopting a plant-based lifestyle, it is recommended to take small steps so that you have the opportunity to adopt and maintain new habits. Slow and steady is a great strategy to form new habits.


Step 1: Choose Your Type of Plant-Based Nutrition

As mentioned earlier, a spectrum of plant-based eating is available to you. Start by identifying what you would like to change in your nutrition.

Considering that your nutrients will be in particular coming from plants, your options are:

1) Strict plant-based nutrition (vegan): With strict plant-based nutrition, you are not going to consume any meat, fish or animal products like dairy foods, honey or eggs.

2) Vegetarian plant-based nutrition: In vegetarian plant-based nutrition, you will be able to consume eggs, milk, cheese, and other products of animals but no meat or fish.

3) Pescatarian plant-based nutrition: The pescatarian plant-based nutrition is similar to the vegetarian one but includes fish. That would mean that your nutrition includes plant-based food, eggs, milk, cheese, fish and other products of animals but no meat.

4) Flexitarian plant-based nutrition: This option is great for individuals who would like to slowly move into plant-based eating without fully committing to never eat meat again. In this plant-based nutrients option, your meals could have a massive share of plant-based food.

In addition to small quantities of eggs, or dairy meals and, on occasion, consist of meat, fish, seafood or poultry. Some individuals in that category have adopted the meatless Mondays to reduce their consumption of animal protein.

Is it hard for you to decide? If so, let me ask you this question. On a scale of 1 (not ready) to 10 (let’s do this), how ready are you to make a change in your nutrition? If you said 1–5, try option 4. But if you said 6–10, try option 2 and see if you can stick to it. Maybe give yourself a month to ease into your new change.

For example, stop purchasing meat products when you go to the grocery, finish eating all the animal food in your fridge and freezer. We wouldn’t want to cause food waste, especially if you are choosing plant-based eating because of environmental benefits.


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