In Only 4 Weeks You Can Get Perfect Belly With These Easy Exercises


2- Side Plank

side plank

This exercise is very similar to the one we mentioned at the beginning, the difference between them is that we will work with other muscles in our body since with planking we will only work our front abs and with side planking, we will work the lateral abs.

We can do it for the same predestined time as in the first example, in order to work all our abs in an effective way.

3- Backwards Pushup

Backwards Push up

For this exercise, it is necessary to have a little strength in your arms, since you will be using your triceps to get up. This, in addition to strengthening your arms, will also strengthen your abdomen, since you must press this and make a force to get up from the floor.

The position will be with your back to the floor with your fingers facing your feet and around your back at the level of your shoulder blades.

In this exercise, we can do 5 sets of pushups with 10 repetitions.





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