In Only 4 Weeks You Can Get Perfect Belly With These Easy Exercises

“Get Perfect Belly With These Easy Exercises”

In life, you have always had to fight hard to get good results, but the truth is that there are some tricks that make us take advantage to reach our goals in a faster way.

It is only necessary that you have a little consistency in the predetermined time so that you can see the results as you want them, and why not perhaps make it a routine if it is something enjoyable for you.

Here are some exercises that you can do so that your abdomen is flat and toned, but these specifically you should add to your routine since they stand out for being very effective when it comes to seeing their results.

1- Planking

plank exercises

It is an anaerobic type exercise where you will have to stay in a predetermined position for the indicated time, normally it is usually between 30 seconds and a minute, while more experienced people can last a little longer doing this exercise.

This exercise will consist of lying face down on a flat surface or on a mat on the floor. then, when the time count begins, you will have to place your arms in the L position resting your elbows on the floor. It is important to note that for the correct performance of this exercise it is absolutely necessary to keep the back straight and erect so as not to cause discomfort in our spine, much less potential long-term pain. Once the count is over, we can go back down to our original position to relax the muscles, after 10 or 30 seconds we must do the same training. This exercise can be done 5 times for 1 minute, resulting in 5 minutes in a planking position.




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