Everything Explained About Skinny Fat

Everything Explained About Skinny Fat


If your body is fully fit but has a fat stomach, it means you need to cut down the fat on your stomach. A fat stomach always looks bad, no matter you have a toned and balanced body or not. Body fat of 10-20% is considered sufficient for the men, while 20-32% is considered fit for the woman. You cannot have more body fat, as it would be extremely unhealthy for you.

You should know that it is the fat, not the weight that makes you vulnerable to the diseases.

Visceral Fat Explained:

Visceral Fat

Visceral fat is a fat that surrounds your abdominal part of your body and the liver. It is of concern for you because it is an active part of your body that is biologically active. According to experts and doctors, visceral fat sends hormones, fatty acids and inflammatory agents that have the potential to cause the higher levels of the LDL (Lower-Density-Lipoprotein) bad cholesterol, blood glucose, and such diseases.

Skinny Fat Term Explained:

Skinny Fat Term Explained

A 100 KG man may not be at risk of the abovementioned diseases but a skinny fat person may be vulnerable to heart diseases, blood pressure and other circulatory or blood diseases.

So, when a person is slim, lean and smart but has a higher content of fat present in the body, s/he is termed as the “skinny fat”. Thus, a person with a normal weight but having a higher amount of fat content and a lower amount of muscle mass is “Skinny-Fat”.

This normal-weight-and-high-fat condition is also called normal weight obesity.

How to Assess How Much Body Fat You Have?

Skinny Fat

Most certainly, the weight machine does not tell how much body fat you have. So, you have to measure your body fat on other machines. They are the following:

a. Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA):

You will only have to give your body weight, age and height in a BIA machine, which assesses your body fat through running a current through your body – the current is run through your feet and hands usually.

This is a painless and fastest method of assessing body fat.

b. The Skinfold Test

The measurements of the four parts of the body – triceps, biceps, above hip bone and subscapularis – are taken with the help of the calipers. Measurements are taken almost four to five times to get the accuracy in the readings. This is how body fat is assessed.

c. Underwater weighing

The difference found between the dry environment weight and underwater weight effectively defines the fat amount present in the body. Underwater weighing measurements are very accurate.

d. Dexa Scans

It is a type of a body fat assessment which is assessed through the dual-energy X-Ray absorptiometry and MRI scans. These tests produce 100% accurate results, but they are also very expensive. So, the Dexa scans are usually used in researches and laboratory study purposes.


Visceral fat is not healthy for the body. If you are skinny-fat, you need to assess how much body fat you have in one of the abovementioned ways. Then, you must work out the best cardio or intensive exercises to cut down the fat on the stomach.

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