Best Exercises For Cardiovascular

Cardiovascular Exercises

best exercises for cardiovascular

When it comes to cardiovascular fitness performing exercises like Hindu squats and pushups are really all you need, so long as they’re performed at a brisk pace. However, if you wish to do more, I would recommend two exercises: jumping rope and hill sprints. Both are high-intensity exercises that take relatively little time to complete. In my mind, this is why they are “animal-like” and are so healthy for you.


In the wild, animals either walk at a relaxed pace or run as fast as they can over short distances (typically to get food or to avoid being eaten). They don’t run over long distances at a medium pace for no reason at all. By exercising in this way animals are able to build incredible endurance and lung power. Yes if it works for them, for us too.


Need some evidence? Think of Olympic athletes. The bodies of the sprinters are lean and powerful. They are as healthy as human beings can be. On the other hand, the athletes who participate in long-distance events, although healthy, do not look nearly as good. Although it’s true they have no fat on them, they have far less muscle than the sprinters. Long-distance running wears your body down. It breaks down muscle tissue, harms your joints, and prematurely ages you. If you want to be as healthy as an animal you want to focus on high-intensity movements for short periods. This is why I recommend jumping rope and hill sprints. Try them out. I think you’ll be surprised at just how effective they are.


Jumping Rope

Jumping Rope

Jumping rope has long been considered one of the best cardiovascular exercises in existence. Many athletes, but especially boxers, have always made skipping rope a cornerstone of their bodyweight training routines. Why? Because it works! Not only does skipping rope give your lungs a great workout but it also works your legs, abdomen, chest, shoulders, back, and arms. It’s been said that 10 minutes of skipping rope is the equivalent of 30 minutes of hard running. From my experience, I believe this is accurate. If you really want to get in great cardiovascular shape try the routine below:

  1. One minute – Jump Rope as FAST as you are able
  2. 30 seconds rest
  3. Two minutes – Jump Rope as FAST as you can.
  4. One minute rest
  5. Three minutes – Jump Rope as FAST as you can.
  6. One minute rest
  7. Two minutes – Jump Rope as FAST as you can.
  8. 30 seconds rest
  9. One minute – Jump Rope as FAST as you are able

I know this routine looks simple, but I assure you, it isn’t. If you’ve never jumped rope before simply doing what you can. If you can only skip for one minute, then do that. It’s a great start. If you practice your rope skipping at least three times a week you’ll be surprised how fast your endurance builds up and how soon you’ll be able to do the full routine.



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