A Japanese Method To Overcome The Laziness


First, we must define how this technique works. Within it, we will only use one minute a day of our time to implement an action in our lives, if we have always wanted to read a book, we will take a minute of our day to start it, always at the same hour. This will create a habit and make the task much easier since being doing it for such a short period of time will not bother us in our routine.

After we have a long time doing it, we will notice that the change has been increasing, and without realizing it, we will be increasing the duration of our new habit, thus, obtaining the maximum benefit from it. If we start using a minute of our day, we can go to the next level when we feel safe and adapted to our new activity.

For example, many people want to exercise and do their best at first, but when they do not see quick and tangible results, they give up and do not continue their practice or decrease their exercise because they think they will achieve nothing. This technique is contrary to what all people do since while people are decreasing their performance in the activity they are trying to do, with this Japanese technique, we will increase our period of action for this activity, which will give us better long-term results because it gives us more time to adapt to changes.


We must learn to be patient and accept the changes slowly since the results of each activity that we want to carry out we will not see overnight, nothing will be as easy as we would like, so we must be very consistent in our activities. This recommendation can apply to anything, from learning a new language as well as losing a little weight, it will always be possible, but you must also do your part to achieve your goals in a better way.

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