7-Sandbag Exercises For Metabolic Conditioning

Sandbag Exercises For Metabolic Conditioning

Like a medicine ball, a sandbag helps improve the strength of both muscle and elastic connective tissues because you can move a sandbag in multiple directions as opposed to moving in only a single, linear path of motion. Additional benefits of sandbags include a pliable surface that helps develop grip strength and, unlike medicine balls, it won’t roll away from you when you set it down. Select a weight that is approximately 5 to 7 percent of your body weight when starting this circuit. As you get stronger, you can gradually progress to ones that weigh 10 to 15 percent of your body weight. Your goal is to complete AMRAP during the work interval. As you feel yourself getting stronger, keep track of the number of reps you do during your first time through the circuit, and then try to meet or beat that number each additional time you do the exercise.


Crunch with resistance
25 sec 2-5
Push press throw to catch
25 sec
Forward to reverse lunge with an overhead lift
25 sec
Swing (alternating hands)
25 sec
Reverse overhead slams
25 sec
Reverse crossover lunge with reach
25 sec
Half Turkish get-up
25 sec
Rest and recovery
45-90 seconds between circuits after all exercises

*Add 5 seconds to the work interval every 2 to 3 weeks until you are doing 45 seconds for each exercise. +Once you are able to do 2 circuits of 45 seconds, start adding additional circuits until you are doing 5 circuits of 45-second intervals.

1-Crunch With Resistance


The reverse crunch movement emphasizes bringing your hips up toward your rib cage, which strengthens the abdominals from the bottom (where they attach to the pelvis) to the top (to the attachment point at the bottom of the ribs). This movement can strengthen the abdominals while reducing the stress on the lower back that can occur during standard crunches.


1-Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Hold a sandbag between both hands, and start with your arms overhead so that they are resting on the floor.

2-Keep your arms straight and pull them from an overhead position to a point where the sandbag is directly over your chest.

3-With the sandbag directly over your chest, pull your belly button in toward your spine and shift your rib cage down toward your pelvis to perform a crunch by rolling up slowly.

Correct Your Form

✅-Make sure to allow your body to return to a fully extended, lying position after the completion of each rep. This will use the muscles in a complete ROM, helping them become stronger.

✅-When doing this exercise think about bringing the top of your pelvis closer to the bottom of your rib cage. Thinking about this movement can help improve your skills as you are doing the exercise.
TIP Slowly lower your back down to the floor, and slowly lower both arms to extend them overhead. To increase the level of difficulty, as you become stronger, hold both legs off the floor.


Crunch With Resistance



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